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When Is It Time to Repaint Your Cabinets?

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Regardless of how gorgeous your house already is, you can always make new changes for various reasons. Refinishing or repainting your kitchen cabinets is one of the best ways to transform the heart of your home. Interior house painting is a great way to enhance certain parts of your home, especially the kitchen. Read on to see when it’s a good time to have your cabinets repainted.

Your Beloved Kitchen Needs a Revamp

Is it time to change your kitchen and you need a new theme? Whether your theme is focused on changing the color or doing a style overhaul, your cabinets play a big role. If you don’t want to completely remove your cabinets, a good repainting can help them blend into the new mood in your kitchen.

You’re About to Move

Before moving to a new residence, your current house should have all the necessary upgrades a new buyer would check for. The better your home looks, the more likely you can find a buyer quickly. Kitchen cabinet repainting can have a similar return. According to Zillow, the rate of return on a kitchen remodel can vary depending on the level of remodeling you’re doing, but the ROI can be as high as 81%.

The Cabinets Are in Good Condition

If your cabinets have been there for decades, they may or may not still be in good condition. When you consult with your local interior house painting professionals, they can assess the state of your cabinets to see if repainting is an option or if you need a replacement. If the cabinets are in good structural condition, interior painters can make them look new again with proper preparation and quality paint. In fact, the bulk of any cabinet painting project goes to preparation. Without proper prep, your paint job won’t look as appealing or last as long.

Repainting your cabinets can help energize your kitchen and is a great alternative to going through the time, mess, and expenses of cabinet replacement. When you have a beautiful home, you only want professional and experienced interior house painting professionals working on a project. So call on the team at Raydian Painting, and let us use our skills to give your cabinets the beautiful refresh that it deserves.

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