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Tying Your Kitchen Together With the Perfect Cabinet Color

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Did you know that simply painting your home can provide real emotional benefits in addition to making it more attractive? According to House Grail, 88% of people who paint an interior room feel a stronger need to spend time at home after completing this project. Of course, you don’t need to paint a whole room to make your home feel more pleasant. Sometimes, all it takes to give your kitchen a whole new feel is working with expert cabinet painters.

As you begin your cabinet painting project, you need to make sure that you find a color that suits your needs, one that blends in well with your home’s overall aesthetics. Thankfully, there are plenty of options available that should work well for you. We’ve compiled some of the most popular tones and color combinations to ensure that your kitchen pops and your cabinets look as gorgeous as possible.

1. Wood and White

Here’s a combination that we think will never get old: combining the natural beauty of wood with the crispness of white. Wood tones are almost always popular because they create an earthy and rural feel. You can use multiple types of real or artificial wood for this aesthetic. White is a smart option because it provides a neutral look that helps your wood stand out even further.

Typically, you want the wood to make up most of your cabinets. Then, you can use the white as an accenting feature. For example, you can ask your painters to scatter speckles of white paint across the wood surface to create a textured style, or you can have them add white along the edges of the cabinets to make them a little more interesting. Whatever approach you take is sure to give you a unique and appealing style.

2. Gray and White

Do you have a neutral kitchen that you want to keep looking welcoming, or do you have some sharp colors that you want to lighten a little? Well, gray and white provide you with a great way to soften your kitchen by making your cabinets a little less showy. Remember that neutral hues provide you with a cozy and easy-to-sell vibe that will be worth more money on the market when it comes time to sell your home.

3. Blue and Seagrass

Seagrass is not a color you see a lot in kitchens, but it combines well with a variety of blue tones. The hue you choose will vary depending on your needs, but many people like lighter blues because they’re easier on the eye and more welcoming in the kitchen. That said, dark blues can be a great alternative if you want to really stand out and make your cabinets something special and eye-catching.

Try to create a cute, ocean-like look with these colors. For example, you can paint the bottom of the cabinets with a strip of seagrass green and add blue and white throughout to create the look of water, waves, and even bubbles. Try to integrate some attractive design elements, including tinting the borders with darker blues for a sharper look.

4. Red and Orange

Consider asking your cabinet painters to use red and orange to produce a unique sunset or sunrise feel for your kitchen. If there are windows facing the east or west in your kitchen, that gives you even more impetus to try out this standout style for your home.

Try to combine these hues in fun ways, such as fading red into orange for a unique look or even blending them around the edges. Some homeowners may even want to create circles of red or orange within each other to produce a dazzling and fascinating look.

5. Light Gray and Hardwood

Light gray provides a great, neutral contrast to bolder hardwood colors, such as cedar. It’s a particularly great option if you’re trying to create a look that fits in well with your home without standing out too much. The hardwood texture will grab enough attention on its own, and pairing it with a lighter gray hue can avoid stressing out the eye and give your kitchen a cozy and welcoming feel for visitors.

We strongly suggest this option if you plan on selling your home in the near future because neutral looks typically produce a higher sales price. On that note, we also suggest it for anyone who wants to make their home feel more comfortable. A subtle look is the perfect choice for many homes: colors that don’t pop out at the eye as heavily can be very calming, which is ideal for a kitchen.

6. Sage Green and Brown

Sage green remains a very popular option for kitchens because it’s attractive, unique, and engaging. It creates a feel a bit like a forest with a broad range of different tones. Lighter or darker variations of this hue can be used on your kitchen cabinets, depending on your taste preferences. Even better, you can pair this color with brown for a cozier effect.

This unique combination creates a rather earthy style, one that will fit in well with many homes and aesthetics. This isn’t just a great option for rural homes; it can also bring a little nature to a more urban home. In fact, we know a lot of people who are opting for this style in condos and apartments because they love the unique touch of color that it brings.

7. Pink and Orange

Now, we know that pink kitchen cabinets are likely to be a hard sell for many homeowners. However, a lighter, more salmon-hued pink can be a great look for kitchens of all kinds. It works particularly well when paired with orange because the two colors can create a beautiful sunset-style feel.

There are a few approaches you can take with these colors to get the look that you want. For example, you can use orange as the background and add pink to the trim around the cabinets and along the edges of the doors. Or you can reverse the color scheme, depending on what you prefer. Some people blend the colors together into a combination of tones or even create streaks for a one-of-a-kind look.

8. Black and White

Black and white may seem a little extreme for your kitchen cabinets, but making this combination work is easier than you think. These colors are certainly austere, which gives them a class and elegance that other colors may lack. We suggest this option if you want to implement a cool checkerboard pattern throughout your kitchen.

This color scheme makes the most sense if you’re going for an old-school look in your kitchen, like that of a retro diner. It’s important to make sure that you work with cabinet designers who understand this style so that you can execute it properly and produce great results.

Over the years, experienced cabinet painters have worked through many different phases and changes in style, and they can help you achieve a wide variety of looks. It’s wise to ask your painters for advice to learn more about your color options and ensure that you get the best possible results. If you’re ready to repaint your kitchen cabinets, contact Raydian Painting today to learn more about our services. Our team will sit down with you and discuss the unique scope of your project to ensure that you love the new look of your cabinets.

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