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Choosing the Perfect Paint Color for a Bedroom

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Interior house painting is an effective way to update your home without a lot of disruption. When you’re ready to update your home’s bedrooms, you might be wondering where to start. According to Statista, U.S. homes most commonly have three bedrooms. No matter the number of bedrooms included in your interior house painting project, it’s important to choose the perfect color for each. The right color will depend on several different factors. Let’s take a closer look at a few ways you can choose the perfect paint color for the bedrooms in your home.

Whose Room Is It?

The number one driver of choosing the perfect paint color for a bedroom is to start with identifying whose room it is. There are many colors that adults love but that teens and kids wouldn’t want in their bedroom. If you’re decorating a guest room, you might want to choose a neutral color that your guests will find soothing when they visit. Anyone who just wants to pick their favorite color might want to reconsider when they see their entire room painted in the shade. Paint colors also need to be considered as part of an entire color scheme.

When it comes to kids’ bedrooms, you want to indulge their creativity while also thinking about the future. One of the best ways to allow your child to feel like they’re a part of the selection process is to ask them to choose a trim or accent color. This way the room and its color scheme will still work years from now, while you let your child participate in the process. Anytime that loud or bright colors are used in a room, they should be complementary to primary colors that are neutral in color. This will prevent the paint color from becoming too overwhelming.

How Much Natural Light Does the Room Get?

This is a question that many people don’t consider because they figure they spend most of their time sleeping in their bedrooms. While this is true, there are still times when you’ll be in your bedroom during the morning and daytime hours. If you have a room that doesn’t receive much natural light, you won’t want to paint it a dark color. This could make the room feel gloomy. Conversely, for a room that gets a lot of natural light, a more subtle color will look washed out. Before choosing the final paint color, add a few test patches to the wall to see you they look at all times of the day.

Rooms with a lot of natural light are great candidates for accent walls. There’s enough light to bring focus to the accents and have them affect the overall mood of the room. Rooms that receive less natural light can either lean into the darkness and go with a subdued color with a lot of saturation, or one that will help to brighten everything up. There’s no wrong answer when it comes to choosing paint colors, and it’s a process that encourages experimentation.

Tips To Handle Rooms That Are Too Large or Small

It might feel odd to consider a room too big, especially as we all love having enough space in our homes and bedrooms. However, there are several situations where a room is either too large or small, too narrow, or too wide. If you want to minimize these features, you can choose a color that will help you do so. For a room that’s too small, be sure to paint it a soft color or bright white. These choices will reflect light and help the room seem larger. For a room that’s too big, you can add an accent wall and use highly saturated paint in a bold color.

For a too-small room, a faint lemon yellow is a good choice, while hunter green is perfect for a room that’s too big. For small rooms, you want to choose a color that reflects light, and for a cozier feel in a large room, choose a paint color that absorbs light to make it feel smaller. These two tips will save your contractor a lot of repeat work! This is also another situation where it makes sense to paint a few test patches on different walls in the bedroom to get a better idea of how the color will look.

The Best Way to Handle a Suite of Connected Rooms

Many new homes are utilizing suite configurations in the primary bedrooms. Your suite may have his and hers bathrooms and walk-in closets as well as sitting rooms or a study all connected within the primary suite. If you don’t want to paint all the rooms the same color, you’ll need to create a color palette. When you’re working with a full-service interior house painting company, they likely have a design team on staff or working with the company as consultants. This is a wonderful resource, and it’s worth using when it’s available to you.

Creating a color palette allows you to create a scheme that uses different colors that flow well from room to room. You don’t want to use two colors in adjacent rooms that are jarring. For example, eggplant is a popular color for bathrooms, but wouldn’t work too well in a suite where the primary bedroom is painted orange. Most bedroom painting projects simply focus on just one room unless the entire house is being painted in complementary colors. Working with a color consultation is an excellent idea when you’re choosing colors for more than one room.

Don’t Forget to Consider Personal Preference

One of the most significant factors that come into play when you’re choosing paint colors for bedrooms is to consider personal preference. You might be a person who loves a neutral palette with color infused into the room by decor pieces. Or, you might want the walls to make the statement with the rest of the room’s decor a bit more subdued. No matter your style and preferences, there’s sure to be a paint color or two that are just perfect for your bedroom. Teenagers and folks who enjoy updating their interior design frequently often find a neutral wall color allows them to update their space without having to repaint.

Personal taste can be tricky when it comes to paint colors as even your favorite color can feel overwhelming when it’s covering all four walls of your bedroom. This is why test squares are so important! Paint allows you to try out new styles and colors and discover new shades that you’ve never considered before. Don’t limit yourself to bright white, neutrals, and your favorite color. Have some fun and experiment. It’s easy enough to test out different colors before choosing the perfect paint color for your bedroom.

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