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8 Signs Your Deck Needs to Be Repainted

Decks are important to any home, as they provide an easy way to enjoy nature without leaving your residential property. After all, nature is known to help restore balance and peace, making it easy to relax. It also provides additional space to entertain and further expand your home by way of an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, and more. However, your decks require upkeep, just like any other part of your home, and it’s easy to do so by enlisting the services of local painters. Here are some signs it’s time to call on such a professional to add a new layer of paint.

1. Peeling and Cracking

As you sit on your deck, does the paint appear to be cracking, chipping, or peeling? Peeling and chipping paint is never good for any part of your home. It’s not just a cosmetic problem in this case, as chipped and cracked paint exposes the underlying layer. Since your deck is outside, the exposed wood is now vulnerable to hungry insects, moisture, and wood rot. If the wood on your deck begins to rot, you may eventually need to replace it, as the structure will weaken and it will no longer be safe to stand or sit on. The type of climate that you’re in will make your deck more likely to rot faster. For example, if you’re in a wet climate like the Pacific Northwest, you’re dealing with constant rain. What about the upcoming winter season? As the seasonal winter snow settles in, your deck will need the extra protection as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may have a situation where your deck quickly rots over the winter season.

2. Fading Color

One of the benefits of having a deck is being able to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. While the beautiful sunshine is great to give you vitamin D, restore energy, and keep you in tune with nature, too much exposure can wreak havoc on your deck. So, don’t be surprised if your deck color has begun to fade or become uneven. The Sun isn’t the only culprit with fading deck paint. The previous deck painter may have done a poor job of evenly spreading the paint. In addition to a poor paint application, fading may appear due to caked-on stains and dirt that resulted from a lack of cleaning. With the help of a local painter, the vibrancy of your deck can be restored in no time. They can always repaint the deck in the same color to make it look new again.

3. Splintered Wood

When you stand on your deck does it appear to be warping under your feet? Do you notice splinters in the wood as well? Warped or splintered wood is a sign that the paint is no longer protecting it from the elements. It’s also a major safety issue, as you can easily trip over a piece of splintered wood and have a devastating fall. If you have guests over on your deck and they trip on your property, you may have a liability issue on your hands. When local painters come to check things out, they can sand down those rough parts and do a new paint job.

4. Staining

Does the deck appear stained? This can happen dies to algae, rust, mold, or mildew. If you frequently have parties on your deck, people may have spilled drinks or food that have left stains. Don’t ignore stains as they can damage the wood in addition to affecting the appearance of the deck. After cleaning the deck, a local painter can restore the deck to its former glory. Be mindful of more staining after the completed paint since it can happen again. In other words, you may want to add rugs to your deck around areas where people will be eating and drinking.

5. Bubbling Paint

Bubbling paint in any part of your home is a sign of moisture problems. These bubbles appear because some water is trapped beneath them. Over time, those bubbles will eventually burst and cause the paint to peel off. Plus, it’s evidence that the wood is in danger with such moisture trapped between it and the paint that’s supposed to protect it. If the problem isn’t handled immediately, it can cause that wood to rot and wear away. When professional painters evaluate the situation, they’ll understand the best type of water-resistant paint to use. As a result, you not only will have a newly painted deck, but you’ll also have additional protection from the situation happening again.

6. Design

Maybe your deck paint no longer matches the existing style and color scheme of your home. If you’ve had renovations done recently or over the years, your deck may be sticking out like a sore thumb if you didn’t also work on that area. If you use your deck for a lot of outdoor entertainment, as many people do, the last thing you want is for it to look outdated and unappealing. Maybe your deck can match your current home trimmings and awnings. Let the professionals update this part of your exterior, so it can complement the rest of your home and be the appealing outdoor space you want it to be. Then you can have more fun by replacing deck furniture and accessories.

7. Home Sale

Are you planning on selling your home before the end of the year or early next year? If so, you want to make the right upgrades that home buyers look at. One of the things that most home buyers want is a beautiful deck or patio. However, if your deck appears to be worn down and rotten, it can be a turn-off for a potential buyer. If your deck has structural issues because of a lack of recent paint, an interested buyer may turn away in favor of a home that has a complete and modern deck they can quickly enjoy. Their home resale value can be affected by the quality of your deck. Why risk losing money just because you didn’t paint your deck? So make a wise investment in repainting.

8. Different Tastes

Are you bored with your deck appearance? Maybe it’s still in good condition, but you just don’t like the color. Have you seen the decks of friends, family, and neighbors and got inspired by their color and design choices? You can try a new color or deck staining. Opt for your favorite color or one of the modern trendy ones. You can go bold or keep things neutral. If you’re unsure what color direction to go in, a painting professional can help you during the consultation.

According to the North American Deck and Railing Association, there are more than 50 million residential decks in the U.S. Your deck is one of many, and you don’t want it to look unsightly compared to others on the block. Repainting your deck is not only a cosmetic improvement but also a maintenance necessity. By repainting your deck regularly, you can keep it looking beautiful and functional for years to come. Make sure you can use your deck for years by hiring a local painter. For a professional you can trust, contact our team of local painters at Raydian Painting for a consultation.

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