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5 Rooms to Consider Repainting This Year

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Hiring a house painting company to repaint your home is an essential part of the redecorating process. According to Statista, the painting industry is expected to reach a market value of about $33.4 billion before 2024 because so many homeowners are upgrading their living spaces with a fresh coat of paint. If your home is ready for a transformation, consider repainting one or more of these rooms.

1. Entryway

The entryway is the first area people see when visiting your home. This space has the potential to either make a person feel welcome or initiate feelings that are cold and detached. Previously popular stark grey shades had a colder feel, which is why many people are switching to warm neutrals like greige and beige. Colors like these pair well with stark white trim and offer a comfortable environment.

2. Bathroom

Bathrooms were previously painted in neutrals to complement the rest of the house, but that trend is slowly dying out. Instead, consider using a combination of cool and warm tones to create a slice of heaven in your home. Opt for light colors like powder blue in small bathrooms, and consider working with vibrant colors in large restrooms to add a pop of personality.

3. Home Office

Because remote work is here to stay, many people are redoing their homes to establish permanent workspaces. A house painting company can help you create an office with a professional background for video calls during online meetings. They can also help you choose the perfect colors to enhance motivation and creativity.

4. Kitchen

The kitchen is the home’s central hub, making it essential to repaint this room. Colors like greige and beige are still in style for kitchens, but don’t hesitate to change things up if you’re ready for a new look. Consider using trending neutrals — such as green or tan — or shades of red or orange to create a warm, loving environment.

5. Bedroom

Trending interior designs for bedrooms evoke cozy nostalgia. Musky pinks, vibrant jewel tones, and earth tones are especially popular lately. When hiring a house painter to work on a bedroom, it’s essential to review the color palette of the rest of the house to ensure that every hue flows well with the others.

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