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4 Signs You Should Paint Your Home

exterior painting

When was the last time you painted your house? Some people believe that if you don’t know the answer, you must start calling painters and getting some estimates. However, that’s not exactly the case. A professional painting job ensures you won’t have to deal with problems for years, but let’s learn the signs that tell you when it’s time for a new coat.

1. The Paint is Peeling, Crackled, or Bubbling

The most obvious sign is when your current coat of paint falls apart, which only happens in extreme cases or after a long time. There could also be underlying issues, such as moisture problems, causing the material to lose its integrity. You must fix that before calling professional painters for a brand-new coat. If you do, you won’t have to worry again for several years.

2. It’s Simply Time

According to Angi, as a general rule, homeowners must repaint their properties every four to six years. Your home may not need it specifically, meaning there aren’t any visible issues. However, hiring our team for exterior painting and renovating is always a good idea. Remember, keeping your property in top shape is essential so it doesn’t lose value.

3. There are Visible Stains and Mold

Another serious issue that could make you call for emergency exterior painting is mildew. Again, you’ll have to solve that problem first, then paint over the renewed areas to make your home look perfect again. This is probably the easiest sign to detect.

Peeling paint can often be ignored; If nothing is wrong, you can disregard the general home painting rule. However, stains from mold and other problems can’t be hidden at all. A professional will have to remove and fix the issue before adding a new coat, which will ensure that everything stays beautiful for much longer.

4. Just Because You Want It

This may not be an emergency, but it’s easy for homeowners to lose their contentment due to fading paint. You may also be bored of seeing the same colors every day. A fresh coat of paint can cheer anyone up. Many people like doing exterior painting renovations right before the holidays to make their decorations look better. The point is that if you want to do it, don’t stop yourself.

Interior and exterior painting will always rejuvenate your home and give you happiness once it’s finished. Don’t hesitate to call Raydian Painting when you make a decision. All you’ll need to do is pick the colors, and we will do the rest!

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