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12 Unconventional Colors to Consider for Your Interior Painting Project

It’s time to learn how to express yourself with your next interior painting project. It doesn’t matter whether you’re painting an entire room or just the kitchen cabinets; the colors you choose should reflect who you are. Step outside neutral whites and beige with these inspirational, unconventional color choices. Increase energy with colors like bright coral red or mustard yellow. Make a sophisticated fashion statement with navy blue or black and white. When you work with a professional painting company, you’ll see a world of possibilities to help your space reflect your personality.

1. Teal Accents

Teal is known for infusing energy into any space. Teal pairs well with neutrals, making it the ideal choice to add a little zest to a room without painting the entire room a bold color. Brilliant teal looks exceptionally friendly next to mocha brown or other jewel tones. Use it for trim against a light neutral or paint an accent wall bold teal to create an eye-catching space. A professional painting company can also paint your kitchen cabinets teal to add a burst of energy to your kitchen.

2. Black Cabinets

White cabinets may be a great neutral, but nothing can compare to the elegant sophistication of black cabinets. Ask a professional paint company for a satin finish so your cabinets aren’t too glossy. Avoid the flat look of matte if you have wall-to-wall cabinets. Black cabinets are fashionable for any kitchen and pair well with almost any color. However, if you have dark walls, ensure plenty of natural light in the kitchen. If there isn’t enough natural light, too many dark colors will make the space feel smaller.

3. Charcoal Grey

The days of light grey trending are behind us. Now, everyone wants a professional painting company to enhance their living space to show dramatic flair, and charcoal grey is the perfect neutral to do that with. It’s unconventional because most people choose light, neutral shades. However, it’s still neutral and can be paired well with almost any color or decorating scheme. If you have a small room, ensure plenty of light-colored artwork on the walls so the room doesn’t feel claustrophobic.

4. Black and White

Nothing says chic like the color combination of black and white. Hire a professional painting company to paint the walls black and the trim a crisp white with a satin finish. Pair this look with modern or minimalistic furniture. Make sure to include modern or contemporary artwork on the walls and provide plenty of decorative pieces throughout the room to remove this look. Your house will instantly appear fashionable. A professional painting company can help you design a color block style throughout the room to make this color scheme work anywhere.

5. Olive Green

Earth tones are a constant trend seen by every professional painting company. However, many customers are going with brown or sage green. You can stay on board with this trend while showing your unique style using olive green. Olive green can instantly make a home feel more harmonious, making it an exceptional idea for a room used for hosting. It pairs well with off-white shades like eggshells and other Earth tones. For example, you can use olive green with blue or brown.

6. Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow is unconventional and often forgotten, but this color is a great choice to increase any space’s energy instantly. A mustard yellow accent wall is a beautiful idea if you don’t want to hire a professional painting company to paint the entire room mustard yellow. This shade of yellow complements other neutral colors and Earth tones, including olive green. Work with a professional paint company to refinish interior tables and other furniture in this energizing shade for a vintage vibe.

7. Powder Blue

Powder blue bathrooms are known for increasing the value of your home. However, you can still enjoy this gorgeous shade elsewhere in the house. This light shade of blue instantly adds serene elegance to any home, whether it’s in the dining or living area. It’s used in rooms where you want people to feel relaxed, making it an excellent shade for sitting areas. A professional paint company can help you determine where to include this shade in your home based on the energy you want to create.

8. Imperial Purple

Jewel tones like imperial purple continue to trend, but most homeowners shy away from working with a professional paint company to paint their walls royal purple because it’s so bold. Go against the grain and instantly increase the energy in any space with this gorgeous shade. Purple can immediately make you feel more creative, making this an exceptional color for a painting studio. However, it can also make people feel more energetic, making it an excellent choice for elegant rooms for get-togethers.

9. Metallic Accents

Crisp white will never go out of style, but it’s so common that it does little to make any room appear bold and fashionable unless you combine black and white. That’s where metallic accents stand out. Select a gorgeous silver trim for purple, black, or light-colored rooms. Gold metallic accents pair exceptionally well with warm tones, like brown. Gold instantly makes any space feel more luxurious. A professional painting company can help you decide where to use metallic colors to add style without appearing tacky.

10. Deep Navy Blue

Navy blue continues to be a sign of sophistication and maturity. As a professional painting company, we continue to see navy blue everywhere. Homeowners are painting the exterior of their homes navy blue. Some opt for navy blue kitchen cabinets. Take this trend a step further with navy blue as the primary color in your home. Paint the entryway and main hallways blue with a crisp white trim for the mesmerizing feel of royal elegance.

11. Bright Coral Red

Bright coral red is a great way to make a room feel lively and energetic. This can create a chaotic feeling in small spaces, so it’s best to use bright red in large rooms for fun gatherings. Avoid using it in areas of the home used for formal meetings. Coral red is best paired with neutral and light shades to ensure this color truly shines. Putting too many bright colors in one area can create a chaotic atmosphere. A professional painting company can help you decide which room this color works best.

12. Mocha Brown

Mocha brown is a deep brown color known for being neutral. However, a professional painting company frequently sees people stray towards light-colored, safe neutrals. Selecting mocha brown helps you stand out from the crowd while providing a warm atmosphere for your guests. Mocha brown can safely be used throughout an entire room. It pairs exceptionally well with almost any color. Combine multiple unconventional colors for a truly unique and luxurious effect. For example, paint the room mocha brown with teal accents and metallic as a third color in your palette.

According to IBISWorld, there are about 232,080 house decorating and painting contractors nationwide as of 2023. However, you don’t have to sift through them all. Instead, you can quickly contact your local professional painting company to discuss the best colors to use in your home. Reach out to our team at Raydian Painting today.

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